What is hostedPBX?

A high-availability and fully-fledged telephone system that you do not have to buy and that is always up to date. Your hostedPBX is operated in our data center in Switzerland.

Suitable for: Business customers (up to 500 participants)

Technical requirements: Broadband internet connection (xDSL, cable) and SIP capable telephones or smartphones with the appropriate application

Compatibility: Every SIP device or smartphone with a corresponding application

Why a hostedPBX?

  • Significantly lower telephone costs (usually 50%)
  • The system grows with your company (up to 500 participants)
  • No matter where you are, connect your phone to the Internet and make calls.
  • No procurement costs for the telephone system
  • No maintenance costs for the telephone system
  • No software updates required (included automatically)
  • All SIP telephones and SIP soft clients work with the hostedPBX
  • Highest availability through cloud technology
  • All settings are made browser-based.

Scope of services of the hostedPBX

  • Including 10 participants (expandable up to 500 participants)
  • Voice Box / Mail
  • Double bells
  • Calendar routing
  • Abbreviated numbers / busy display
  • Ring calls (unlimited number of ring calls)
  • Music playback (music on hold, flexible music playback)
  • Conference (unlimited number of defined conference groups)
  • Intercom (use desk phone as an intercom)
  • Interactive Voice Response, voice-controlled menu system
  • Queue (unlimited number of queues)
  • Call Center Anwendung & Routing
  • Voice recordings
  • Internal phone book
  • Day / night service (unlimited number of controls)
  • DISA (set up internal telephone calls from outside
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Failback when system is not available
  • Backup (complete system backup manual / automatic)

The difference of the offered PBX

A comparison of the functions can be found in the following PDF.