Price-performance ratio

IP telephones - a brief explanation

Audi, Skoda, Ferrari or a motorcycle? What you like, what you can afford and what you actually need don't always have to be the same.

When purchasing end devices, you should definitely pay attention to a good price-performance ratio. IP telephones are available today in a wide variety of designs. This goes from the simplest, small desk phone to the video-capable, full-fledged telephone operator station that is equipped with all imaginable functions.

Are you and your employees often out and about in the company?

There are IP-DECT systems for this. You can use this to move around freely and are not tied to your desk phone. Our advice also applies here: get advice from a specialist.

The DECT transmitters want to be optimally placed to ensure a smooth transition of the telephone calls. It is essential to make sure that, especially with DECT systems, the low-cost variants are usually quite limited in their functional scope. There are now sophisticated systems for professional use that can also be excellently combined with table-top devices.

Don't shop for looks. Think carefully about what you need the phones for and which functions are essential for your operation and processes. Here, too, the right professional knows their way around.