What to look out for

Requirements of companies.

There are currently still many devices that are connected to an analog connection. Companies usually have several ISDN, PRI and/or analog connections and have correspondingly high requirements for a certain Internet bandwidth. However, the basic service only provides for a minimum bandwidth of 3 Mbit per second - so it is mainly aimed at private customers.

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Your company is therefore faced with a challenge that should not be underestimated. Here, too, the forward-thinking businesswoman and the caring businessman should think early on about how and when they can manage the upcoming technology change without causing major damage to their company.

Consider mobile network as a possibility.

Finally, a small note: as an alternative to the repeatedly mentioned Internet technology, there is also the mobile network - i.e. 4G, which can be used as a new technology.

We are happy to give you our personal advice on this topic: do not blindly expose yourself to the goodwill of the market leader. Keep the threads in your own hands!

Would you like to increase the reliability of your telephony?

Then it makes perfect sense to invest in a second Internet connection. It is important that the second connection arrives on a different medium. This means that you should not use a second DSL connection if you already have a DSL connection.
"In this case, a second connection should be a coax connection, a mobile connection over 4G, or a fibre optic connection - also called Fibre.

Guideline for the required Internet bandwidth for VoIP: a telephone call requires approx. 100 kbit/s