Call level agreements

With these winCall contracts, we offer you an extension of the on-call time and faster response times (FirstReaction). Your advantages:

  • Adapt our telephone contact times to your business hours and needs
  • Prioritized treatment when solving a problem
  • Receive additional free service units with your Call Level Agreement
  • Easy to order via the web shop

Accessibility through call level agreements

The conclusion of a call level agreement guarantees the availability of a VoIP system technician from the Winet Customer Service department during the contractually agreed extended standby time.

During the extended system standby time you have subscribed to, you can contact our on-call service to report a malfunction to us. In this way, you provide an employee on call to analyze and rectify the cause of the malfunction.

Customer service desk

If you call outside of our call times, a service desk employee from xy AG will take your request * and forward it to the VoIP system technician of the Winet Customer Service department, who is on standby.
The customer service desk employee at xy AG will check which call level agreement you have and explain to you any possible cost consequences. At this point you can still withdraw your order for the submission. This customer service desk employee can be reached 24/7, but has no technical knowledge.

* The Service Desk reserves the right to check the identification and authorization of the calling person for security reasons.

2nd level engineering

A VoIP system technician from Winet's Customer Service department will contact you and carry out an initial problem analysis - if possible via remote support or, if necessary, on site. This employee is qualified to correct errors independently. In an emergency, he can also provide replacement material and offer a temporary solution. Troubleshooting includes, for example, «System configuration» «System data recovery» and / or «Hardware replacement.

3rd level escalation

In the event of a serious problem with basic system services of Winet, the chief technician and / or chief developer of Winet is involved in solving the problem.

winCall premium 7x24h
7 x 24h / Mon - Sun / CHF 600.00 / month
FirstReaction: within 1 hour

winCall pro +, 6x12h
Mon - Sat / 7am - 7pm / CHF 228.00 / month
FirstReaction: within 2 hours

winCall pro, 5x12h
Mon - Fri / 7am - 7pm / CHF 129.00 / month
FirstReaction: within 6 hours

winCall basic +, 5x6h
Mon - Fri / 8am - 12pm, 2pm - 6pm / CHF 49.00 / month
FirstReaction: next business day

winCall basic, 5x6h
Mon - Fri / 9am - 12pm, 2pm - 5pm / free of charge
FirstReaction: best effort