Functions & Prices


Determine when and how incoming calls are forwarded to other phone numbers or your Voicemail (voiceBox). You can define time periods, days of the week, etc. for the forwarding yourself. The bell time can also be set as desired. You also have the option of redirecting to all mobile, landline and VoIP numbers.

Send SMS

You have the option of sending SMS from your Winet numbers. Please note that fees are incurred when sending SMS.

Top up your account

myWinet private accounts are managed as prepaid accounts. This means that a credit must be paid in to be able to use the account for incoming and outgoing calls.
Private customers with a remaining balance of CHF 10.00 (the amount can be adjusted if necessary) will be informed that another payment will soon be due. If the credit amount reaches CHF 0.00, the account is blocked for incoming and outgoing calls until we have received the payment or there is evidence that the payment has been made

Free registration for your personal myWinet telephony account

  • Take your own number with you (porting)
  • or choose another number for just CHF 1.40 per month
  • Pay in a lump sum conveniently using the prepaid method
  • As soon as your credit is running out, you will be informed automatically by us
  • Your subscription fees and telephony costs can be viewed online in your account at any time