Port your number

Continue to use your previous phone number

Port your existing fixed net or VoIP connection to Winet and save your fixed net costs or basic fees.

Either use the online porting form directly or enter the phone numbers to be ported during the registration process for a myWinet account.

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Partial porting

Port your existing Fixnet connection as a partial port to Winet. Your number remains on the previous connection, but you can call us with your previous number at low cost. Incoming calls will continue to come through your previous connection. You do not need to do anything for this type of port. If you open a myPhone account with this phone number and do not fill out a porting form, the phone number is automatically partially ported.

Procedure and process of a full porting

The prerequisite is that you have opened an account with us with the number to be ported or a new number. Simply send us the signed form with your authorization for number porting by e-mail. You will then receive a PDF with the confirmation of your porting data by email.

Porting form

Notice periods

The power of attorney also acts as a termination for your previous provider. Please pay attention to the termination date and any additional costs if you do not cancel in due time. If you have any questions, contact your previous provider.

Send PDF

Send us the signed PDF to central.service@winet.ch. We will then forward a copy to your previous telephone provider.

Check the information

Your previous telephone provider checks the incoming data for correctness. It is important that all information is filled in correctly, otherwise the porting will be rejected. The number holder registered there and the data on the person and address given on the power of attorney must match. So enter the address under which your contract was concluded with the previous provider.

Porting date

Enter a desired porting date in the form. A note "immediately" is of no use because porting takes 10 days, even in the best case. However, by specifying a date, you make it easier for us to process the order.

Changeover date

If the porting order has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation from us and the previous provider with the definitive date of the switchover.