What is telephony over the Internet?

What exactly is internet telephony?

Above all - how does it differ from normal, conventional telephony? Until now you have simply plugged your phone into the telephone socket - et voilà - you could make calls.

It works very similarly with Internet telephony, except that you now connect your telephone directly to your Internet connection. From now on, your conversations will take place digitally over the network. At the end of the day, it always means the same thing: speech gets from the caller to the recipient and back again.

Provider, VoIP provider and various end devices.

There are also countless providers who offer you Voice over IP services. And last but not least, many different end devices - i.e. telephones - with a wide variety of functionalities.

Pay attention to the seriousness of your provider.

We also recommend that you take a close look at the tariffs for your future calls at home and abroad. Do not be fooled by any cheap supplier! Pay attention to the quality, experience, seriousness and competence of the provider. If possible, do not conclude long-term contracts! It is very difficult for you to get out of these gag contracts. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your carrier and its services, you may be forced to continue working with them.

As Friedrich Schiller said in his poem "The Bell Song" in 1799:

"Check who binds (forever)."