100% Microsoft Teams integration into the Ayrix PBX

You don't need a separate SBC. With Ayrix, you have a true hybrid with which you can mix traditional telephony with MS Teams as you wish. Teams clients can be integrated into ring groups, IVR, queues and much more. You can also reach your colleagues who use Teams via speed dial. Ask us - we know how it works.

Your VoIP provider to touch and talk to

Not only are we within your local reach, but we also maintain direct contact and transparent communication with our customers. We have learned to listen carefully over the past 17 years.

Winet is both provider and developer

As a developer of telephone systems, we know your needs inside out. Our own products have been tried and tested for years, are constantly being further developed and adapted to the latest needs of the Swiss market.


CHF 32.50 / month

Price excl. VAT

  • Ayrix hostedPBX
    for 3 participants

  • Telephone system including SIP trunk and cloud space

  • 1 additional participant
    monthly: CHF 2.50

SIP/Teams trunk

CHF 15.- / month

Price excl. VAT

  • Setup of the main connection,
    no restriction of simultaneous calls

  • SIP trunk telephony via MS Teams

  • Prerequisite: Microsoft Office 365
    E5 or E3 / E1, + Phone System + Audio Conferencing

Simply make unlimited calls

No matter which telephony solution you are using today, the connection via SIP trunk is one of Winet's core competencies. Also the connection to Microsoft Teams. No limitation of the number of call channels! Your existing solution will be connected by our specialists in an uncomplicated, fast and uninterrupted way.

We know you - and you know our employees

Direct, competent and solution-oriented contact persons from the quotation to the operation. No long and annoying waiting loops when contacting us. With Winet, you do not have to repeat your concerns umpteen times.

We will do everything necessary for you

No unnecessary, long suffering until finally everything works again. We take care of everything necessary so that you can make phone calls via Winet with your existing solution in an uncomplicated and quick way.

Cheapest Business FLAT rate Switzerland

As part of the Winet-Aargau campaign, we are offering you the lowest flat rate for business customers currently available in Switzerland. Should you find a more favorable offer elsewhere, you will receive at least the same conditions from us. This also applies to public organizations, which benefit from SIK/DVS conditions.

Why would you recommend Winet to others?

“I would recommend it, because Winet has accompanied us well from the start. We were a small company and have now grown and grow further. Winet still accompanies us well and if a provider understands that they should also accompany and look after small customers from the start, then the customers also remain loyal."
- Maria Mazza, Newo Trust

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Our recommendation for business customers

Winet video conferencing

Easy and free videoconference via our Swiss servers. A service from Winet for everyone. With videoconferencing from Winet, we provide you with a free videoconferencing system. With it, you will not lose sight of your business contacts.

Free, ad-free and secure

Thanks to Winet video conferencing, you and your participants can communicate via our secure infrastructure. All servers are located in Switzerland. This ensures your privacy.

We help SMEs

We support SMEs and self-employed people in Switzerland. In addition to the free video conferencing service, we offer a special offer on your next order. For this, please contact our sales department.

Success stories with existing customers

Don't just take our word for it - also that of our customers.

In an interview with Daniel Maier, the managing director of the Wirtschaftsclub Widenmoos gives you a few interesting insights into the cooperation with Winet.

What our customers say

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