Managed Services

What is technical service?

Winet's Customer Service department offers technical service through its VoIP system technicians.

We are also happy to offer you remote service via remote access to your infrastructure. E.g. for the configuration of end devices, firewalls etc.

Administrative / +41 56 520 20 20
(Registrations, myPhone bookings, contracts, invoices, CDR information, terminations, etc.)

Technical service

Through our VoIP system technicians in the Customer Service department via (Ticket opening)
+41 56 520 20 00 for business customers
0900 66 3932 for private customers (CHF 2.50 / min.)

System standby time

We are happy to offer you extended on-call times via our individual Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Consulting, Sales &
Partner support

For instructions and manuals for individual products and services, please contact us directly by email. We will be happy to send you the required documents afterwards.

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