CTI solutions

Are you looking for a link between telecommunications and electronic data processing?

Do you want to operate your phone with the help of the computer? Or do you want to save time by being able to dial the desired telephone number directly from Outlook?

We can offer you this and more with the Winet solution for CTI telephony. The Winet CTI Client is offered in two versions, which differ in terms of supported functionality (read more here). For further questions we are happy to help you.

What is CTI

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the linking of telecommunications with electronic data processing. This allows you to make phone calls via the PC.

CTI systems in practice

Select a telephone number with a click of the mouse: In practice, the systems are often integrated into e-mail programs, eg Microsoft Outlook, and have a TAPI interface. This allows, among other things, saved contacts to be called directly from the e-mail program. In addition, some CTI modules also offer fax functionality.

IT meets telephony

The CTI enables the automatic establishment, acceptance and termination of telephone calls, the establishment of telephone conferences, the sending and receiving of fax messages, telephone book services and the forwarding of calls from computer programs.
The appropriate data record from a database with customer data can be brought onto a screen via automatic caller identification. It is also possible to keep a journal of the conversations. This technology is mainly used by call centers.

winet CTI Client (Standard / Professional)
Version: 3.1.008
Trial period: 30 days
Feature history
winet CTI Server
Version: 1.3.005
Trial period: 30 days
Feature history
winet TAPI for voxGate
Version: 1.1.133
Trial period: 30 days
Feature history
winet TAPI for snom
Version: 1.0.065
Trial period: 30 days
Feature history
supported functionsversion
TAPI (dial, hang up)
TAPI (accept, consult, transfer, toggle, conference, hold)
TAPI (call diversion, call protection)
CAPI driver
Voice recording (only when telephoning via ISDN card and headset)
Control of multiple devices
Connector for xtelsio CTI server
CTI Client TAPI Connector (TAPI driver)
TAPI Connector for Ayrix hostedPBX
TAPI Connector for snom phones
TAPI Connector for Zoiper / Idefisk
SIP SoftPhone
TAPI Connector for Skype
ActiveX control
Outlook add-in
Data connection
Text files (* .csv, * .txt)
Load text files from web server (HTTP)
Load text files from the file server
Outlook® contacts (read / write)
ODBC (databases with ODBC driver)
Lotus Notes contacts (read access)
ACT! Contacts (read access)
combit address manager contacts (read access)
cobra Adress PLUS contacts (read access)
LDAP data sources (read access)
Data record limit (maximum entries)unlimitedunlimited
maximum number of phone books (folders)unlimitedunlimited
Data import
Data import via clipboard
input screen
individual adaptation of the input masks
Reputation journal
maximum entries per dayunlimitedunlimited
Logging in the Outlook Journal
Call appointments
maximum number of active appointmentsunlimitedunlimited
EMail (sending via standard email client)
Speed dial
Monitor bar
maximum number of status LEDs16256
Conversation Notes
Document hyperlinks in notes
linked notes (e.g. Outlook memo field
Dial from other applications via hotkey
OCR selection via middle mouse button
Choice from other applications via TAPI connector
Dial by URL
Selection via the numeric keypad
Control of other applications (transfer phone number)
Word document templates
Generate setup
Search in the phone book
last name First Name
by company, phone number, group, ID, search filter, full text


CTI client standard

one-time: CHF 67.00

CTI Client Professional

one-time: CHF 85.00

CTI server presence management

one-time: CHF 159.00

CTI server client license

one-time: CHF 12.00

TAPI for voxGate (10 licenses)

one-time: CHF 44.00