MS Teams with full PBX functionality

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Ayrix MS Teams Hybried

This PBX enables you to use the full range of functions of a telephone system with any MS Teams clients and also other SIP end devices or soft clients. Whether ring groups, queue, IVR, call forwarding or time condition, with Ayrix you cover every possible scenario. Especially in mixed companies, it often makes no sense to equip everyone with MS Teams (apart from the high costs), but it makes perfect sense to continue using "normal telephones" in special locations.
With Ayrix, Teams clients can be reached with speed dial numbers. With Ayrix you can mix desk phone and MS Teams client in a ring group or any other function. And you do NOT have to split the existing phone number block; Ayrix does that for you.

Whether in the office, home office or on the road: With the MS Teams/Ayrix Hybrid, you communicate completely independent.

The MS Teams connection is established via the Winet Teams SBC ensured. This connects your Microsoft Teams environment to Winet via our central Teams SBC with Microsoft's Direct Routing, allowing you to directly use all the benefits of MS Teams with your Microsoft license. This means that you do not incur any additional costs or complex configuration work for your own SBC (Session Border Controller).

Use Microsoft Teams with Winet worldwide and independent of your location. With Winet you pay a monthly fee of only CHF 15 with a one-time connection fee of only CHF 200..

Advantages of MS Teams connection with Winet

MS Teams with full PBX functionality

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  • Ring group

  • IVR

  • queue

  • Waiting loops

  • Timecondition

  • Voicemail

  • conference

  • Forwarding

  • Extension forwarding

  • Day / night service

  • Follow Me

  • Geo CID

  • Music on Hold

  • Call recording

  • statistics

  • Fax server

  • Fax extension

  • Number blacklist

  • Number whitelist

  • Global voicebox

  • Geo restrictions for extensions and web interface

MS Teams with the Teams Trunk without license costs

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  • Establishment of the main line, no limitation of simultaneous calls

  • 12 months minimum term, automatically extended by 3 months after expiration of the minimum term.

  • SIP trunk functional for MS teams

  • Prerequisite: Microsoft Office 365 E1, E3 or E5, + Phone System + Audio Conferencing.

monthly: CHF 15.-

Price excl. VAT

Situation on the provider market for telephone systems.

Have you already been to Hong Kong or a similar Asian metropolis? Then you can certainly imagine what the hustle and bustle of the local marketplaces feels like. This is roughly how you can describe the current situation on the provider market for telephone systems. But who has the good, healthy fruit and who wants to fob them off with cheap goods that are rotten the next day?

Different providers for different needs.

On the market, you will find not only a wide variety of providers for telephone systems, but also many different systems with great differences in functionality, quality, look & feel, costs and much more. If you are buying a new telephone system now, you should think carefully about the range of functions it should offer you.

The price certainly plays an important role, but it is much more important that you can map your business processes on the new system. Try to test as many systems as possible in your evaluation process before making your final purchase decision.

Once you have decided on a system, look around for the right installation partner for you. This also needs to be chosen wisely, because this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. The relationship between you as a customer and your installer should be based on trust. Remember that you will be working with this partner for the next 5 to 10 years.