Why you should better eat duck eggs instead of chicken eggs.

Your VoIP telephony provider from
the region: deliver instead of cackle.

Innovator from Aargau introduces itself

Take the step with us into a true regional partnership. We deliver what we promise and promise nothing we can't.

The real alternative for your telephony

Making phone calls can be a real challenge, if you are dissatisfied with your provider. Constant interruptions, poor call quality, less than optimal product selection, no direct contact person and high costs can be some of these reasons. At Winet, we take such problems very seriously and get them out of the way quickly and without complications.

Eager to see the bigger egg yolk?

We are pleased to introduce our fine products to you shortly. You will be surprised what we deliver.

Your VoIP provider to touch and talk to

Not only are we within your local reach, but we also maintain direct contact and transparent communication with our customers. We have learned to listen carefully over the past 17 years.

Winet is both provider and developer

As a developer of telephone systems, we know your needs inside out. Our own products have been tried and tested for years, are constantly being further developed and adapted to the latest needs of the Swiss market.