Why it's not worth importing sugar beets.

VoIP telephony from your region:
refined and precisely dosed.

Direct contact with the manufacturer in Aargau

Take the step with us into a sweet, regional partnership. We deliver what we promise and promise nothing we can't.

Ayrix Cloud PBX - just the way you need it

Are you facing the decision to replace your current telephony solution? The solution developed by Winet Ayrix Cloud PBX offers everything that IT and financial hearts could wish for.
desire: intuitive operation, modular scalability, modern interface, safe and secure system. With Winet pay only what you really need and can adapt the solution to your needs yourself at any time.

The move to Winet is currently FREE

We offer to you as part of our Winet-Aargau campaign both setup as well as porting costs.

The smart telephone system from Switzerland

Does not work, does not exist at Winet as manufacturer

Do you have special requirements for your telephone system or do you want special statistical evaluations? Our developers make almost everything possible. All without annoying obstacles such as corporate regulations, language barriers or time delays.