IP telephones

Our recommendation to private customers

Yealink cordless phone W76P

The Yealink W76P is a powerful SIP cordless phone system and the ideal solution for residential customers. By combining with up to 10 Yealink W56H DECT handsets, you can instantly enjoy excellent mobility and efficient flexibility and avoid additional cabling problems and costs. To provide better and higher performance, this DECT IP phone not only supports up to 10 VoIP accounts and 20 simultaneous calls, but also speeds up startup and signal connection and shortens downtime when upgrading.

Snom DECT Bundle HM201

The Snom HM201 DECT solution has a base station for up to 4 handsets per unit. The large, clear color display makes it easy for every guest to find their way around. The DECT over IP technology offers the greatest possible freedom of movement and the antibacterial surface protects against germs. Individualization takes place via the display.