The 5-year collaboration between Winet and topCare.

Find out in this article how the long-term cooperation between the two companies works and get a little insight into everyday business from CEO Simon Weiss.

The interview with Simon Weiss - Co-Managing Director of topCare Management AG in Zurich:

What is your general impression of working with Winet?

“Winet is a friendly company that takes you seriously and feels picked up. In the event of difficulties, one is always looking for a suitable solution.

In the next step, we will now look together at how we can further adapt our telephony solutions to our business processes and optimize them accordingly. "

What happens if there are problems with telephony?

“We actually had no interference or difficulties with our telephony for a long time - everything worked as it should.

When something happened, we addressed our concern directly and transparently; it was taken seriously and we tried to clarify all open questions and points in a personal conversation.

Even if the implementation did not take place overnight, everything is now running perfectly again. "

Is there anything that exceeded your collaboration expectations?

"As a customer, you notice when Winet-internal processes are optimized and the service quality for customers is improved."

Why would you recommend Winet to others?

“At Winet, the handling is very personal and you respond individually to individual customers and their needs.

A sympathetic company where you feel taken seriously and where direct exchange is easy. "

You can reach topCare Management AG at:

044 360 44 24

Winet Customer Stories as a source for further developments

Since we started implementing our Winet Customer Stories, we have had even more opportunities to receive direct feedback on our own offers and solutions.

Among other things, this has led to the fact that we will be adding a new, innovative Cloud PBX to our range in the course of the coming year so that we can continue to offer our customers the best possible solutions.

In addition to the conventional functions, this PBX also brings highlights such as UCC (video and chat function), modern user interfaces, visual operating options (e.g. in the IVR) and various connections (e.g. MS Teams).



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