Standby time

What is the standby time?

In order to be available in the event of a fault within the customer infrastructure, we offer an extended standby time outside of our basic call times.

Conclude a Call Level Agreement (CLA) and you can reach a VoIP system technician from Winet's Customer Service department during the selected on-call time - 24/7 if required.

The basic system services of Winet itself are monitored 24/7 by dedicated automatic monitoring processes.

In the event of impairment of Winet basic system services, a Escalation process automatically set in motion and the responsible Winet system technician called up. He is responsible for eliminating the malfunction in accordance with the malfunction classification.

With our service-oriented organization, we have the opportunity, where necessary, to initiate an immediate problem solution in order to eliminate the error state (damage limitation). Primarily a provisional solution, e.g. replacement, has to be created in order to reduce the status to a lower level as quickly as possible.

A Single failure“Minor error”, however, has no significant consequences. A single point of failure (SPOF for short) is a component of a technical system, the failure of which can result in the failure of the entire system. The main errors are non-critical errors that lead to a significant impairment of the affected environment (e.g. usability of the product for the intended use).

A Major failure causes serious business interruptions and needs to be resolved with greater urgency. The goal is to restore the service quickly, if necessary with the help of a workaround. If necessary, specialized support groups or the suppliers (3rd level support) are involved. If the root cause cannot be eliminated, a problem record is generated and the error elimination is passed on to problem management.

Critical errors are errors, the occurrence of which has critical consequences for the affected environment (e.g. endangerment of persons, loss of production).