Manual X-lite

quick start Guide #

Here you can see the most important functions of the X-Lite Softclient, which you can use after the installation.

Start of installation #

Download #

First download the free download from the X-Lite client from the following website:

Then select your version 4.0, which is suitable for your operating system.

installation #

First of all, read the General User Conditions carefully and accept them. You will now be asked where you want to install X-Lite. Select the desired path here.

Now choose whether you want a shortcut on your desktop, whether an icon should appear in your quick launch bar, and - or whether the program should open automatically when Windows starts.

Establishing the number #

Before you can use X-Lite with your desired number, you must first make a few changes in the settings.

In the upper left corner click on "Softphone" and then on "Account Settings".

A window now appears in which you have to fill in the marked fields. To get this information, simply go to your account on the page. There you will find “List of Numbers” at the bottom of the “Overview” tab (picture below), here you can select and click the number you want for X-Lite.

Paste the data #

Ultimately, you will be taken to a page that stores your phone number information. On the following page you can see with the help of the pictures which information you have to insert and where in the X-Lite window.