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administration #

Change Password #

To change your password, first click on Change Password (red arrow). Then enter your old password and the new password twice.

Internal numbers #

You can call any number of Winet free of charge at any time. With this query you can enter and search for a phone number. You can then see whether this number is on our system and is therefore free of charge. Make sure to use the correct format (e.g. 41998887766).

Statistics (CDR) #

If you are wondering how expensive your next bill will be, or you want to check which number generated the most costs, the statistics are perfect for you. In the report settings you can select which month should be displayed. A from / to selection is also possible, with which you can display the times to the nearest minute. With "Own phone number" you select which of your numbers should be displayed in the statistics. “Calls” enables you to distinguish between calls made and received. You will find the statistics you want under the Telephone data field. These can be exported via "CSV export".

bills #

You can call up and download your monthly bills directly in your customer account under “Bills”. You will receive an email from us when the invoice has been prepared. In your account you can set whether you would like to send the invoice as a PDF or receive it by post (CHF 5.– fee for up to CHF 100.–).

myPhone payment methods #

Winet's invoices are payable within 10 days. In the event of repeated default in payment, we allow ourselves to switch your account to the credit method. This means that your account remains blocked until the outstanding invoices have been paid and a freely selectable amount of credit has been paid. You always have the option, regardless of how you deposit, into your account
to top up with a credit. The system then automatically books the invoices as paid until your credit is used up. If you set the information limit to minus CHF 20.–, for example, you will be automatically informed by the system when the balance has fallen to CHF 20.–. You can pay by credit card directly in your customer account under “Top up account”. The instructions for the payment methods can be found at

Top up customer account #

Select the desired amount here and click on "Next". Now enter your credit card details in order to be able to proceed with the payment. Of course, the site has SSL encryption so that your credit card details remain secure.

Show customer account #

View the current balance of your account here. It is an accounting value, consisting of invoices, credits and incoming payments on your customer account. A positive balance shows your credit here. It cannot be compared with the balance on the home page, which also takes into account current, not yet invoiced fees.

SMS & conferences #

Send SMS #

You have the option of sending SMS from your Winet numbers. To do this, go to "Send SMS" under user data (left side). Here you can select from which of the numbers the message should be sent. Recipients must be entered in the correct format (+ 417XXXXXXXX). After the entry, just click on "Send". Please note that this service is chargeable and can only send.

Conference room #

Conference rooms can also be booked with us:

After clicking on "Book a conference room", the menu below appears:

Select the number of the conference room, the billing address and the language of the announcements. Under "Start date" you can select the desired date on the calendar and then click on "Save".

Use conference room #

To use your conference room, simply call the number you just dialed. An announcement appears asking you to enter your PIN. After entering your name, set your name and join the conference. Other people carry out the same process so that everyone can then talk to each other on the phone.

subscription #

Customer bookings #

Have your bookings and their period displayed here. Articles, which until 01.01. created for the next year are automatically created for the coming year.

Customer billing #

Here you can see the running costs for the respective month. The empty box on the right means that this line has not yet been invoiced.

General information about the voiceBox #

voiceBox standard #

The personal answering machine for your Winet connection: On request, you will receive a free voice box “Standard” for your Winet connection, which records messages from missed calls. You can call up the voiceBox by phone (SIP free of charge) and receive an email with every incoming message.
IMPORTANT: The voiceBox "Standard" contains a standard announcement which cannot be changed. But this is free of charge.

voiceBox Professional #

With the voiceBox "Professional" you have the possibility to record your announcement text personally and to change it at any time with a wave file via the admin panel! You can call up the voiceBox by phone (SIP free of charge) and receive an email with every incoming message.
How to use the voiceBox Professional is explained under point 6.3.

How do I use my voiceBox? #

Ihre voiceBox wird direkt auf Ihre Rufnummer geschaltet. Um Ihre voiceBox abzuhören, rufen Sie via SIP Ihre Nummer mit der Vorwahl „086“ an, drücken Sie während der Ansage die #-Taste und geben Sie anschliessend das Passwort 9999 (bitte ändern) ein.

Example using the number 0041325200402

Dial: 086 032500402

Then enter your number (national format) and finally the PIN (default: 9999).

You can also access your voiceBox over the landline. Simply call your SIP number, wait until you hear the announcement and then press the # button again.


How can announcements be recorded? #

Recorded with No23 recorder #

In order to record an announcement on your computer, we recommend the freeware program No23 Recorder. You can download this from the following link:

To record an announcement, enter a title for the file on the left-hand side and select the desired target directory. Select the format "WAVE". You may have to select a different input under “Microphone” on the right-hand side so that the sound is picked up by the correct microphone.

Recording with a wave recorder #

Alternatively, we recommend the freeware program "Wave-Recorder". With this tool you can record the announcement via your sound card and then save it directly in the correct .wav format. The default format is the right one, you don't need to make any changes.


The format of the .wav file must not be exactly 8000Hz!

Download wave recorder:

When the wave recorder has started, you can start recording with a click on Start and finish with Stop. In the settings it is possible to select the file name, storage location and the wave format. The file is saved in the path of "Filename" (black arrow).

How can I change an existing announcement to a wave file? #

To change an existing announcement in any audio format to a .wav file, we recommend the free software "Switch Sound File Converter". The application can be downloaded from the following link:

The Sound File Converter is sufficient for our use, which is why you can remove the tick before installation. After the installation is complete, open the Sound File Converter.

First click on "Add File (s)" and select your voiceBox file. Now select at the bottom for Output Format: .wav, and click on "Encoder Options ...". Make sure here that 8000 Hz is not used, otherwise the file cannot be uploaded to

If all the settings are correct and the correct file is in the list of files to be converted, just click on. The file is saved separately as a .wav file in the specified path ("Save to folder:"). The previous file is retained. How to upload the file to your SIP number is explained in section 5.3.


Upload the announcement #

Navigate to the voiceBox administration. Here you can change the PIN of your voiceBox and make other settings such as the name of the file and the option when the voiceBox messages should be deleted. Under "Upload new file" you can now load your created announcement onto the voiceBox. Now find the file and simply click on "Save". If the following message appears, your announcement has been uploaded to our system:

Include the announcement #

Nachdem eine Ansage hochgeladen wurde, muss diese noch auf der voiceBox aktiviert werden. Rufen Sie dazu Ihre voiceBox an und gehen Sie mit der Taste 5 in die erweiterten Optionen. Jetzt können Sie mit der Taste 2 in das Menü, um eine Ansage auszuwählen. Anschliessend wählen Sie mit den Tasten 1 – 9 die gewünschte Ansage aus und speichern diese.

Empty the full voiceBox #

Ihre voiceBox hat einen beschränkten Speicherplatz, desshalb müssen die Dateien von Zeit zu Zeit gelöscht werden. Wählen Sie die Option „Nachricht nach Versand automatisiert löschen“, dann müssen Sie sich nicht mehr darum kümmern. Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit die Nachrichten selber zu löschen indem Sie die Option „Nachrichten manuell löschen“ wählen und dann auf „Nachrichten löschen“ klicken.


Die Dateien werden nur auf unserem System gelöscht. Wenn Sie aber unter Ihrer Nummerneinstellung eine E-Mail Adresse eingetragen haben, wird jede Nachricht sofort per E-Mail an Sie zugestellt. Diese Dateien bleibe


faxBox #

What is a faxBox? #

Winet Network Solutions AG offers fax boxes. A faxBox should replace an expensive hardware fax, and it should also be easy to use and inexpensive. A faxBox is nothing more than a fax-to-e-mail and an e-mail-to-fax interface, so you can send and receive faxes by e-mail practically from your computer.

How do I use a faxBox? #

Like a normal fax machine, the faxBox also has a phone number under which you can be reached as with a normal fax. In order to be able to send a message from another device from the faxBox, you have to write an e-mail. In addition to the phone number, every faxBox also has a password, which can be changed at any time in the Winet admin panel. Here is an example of an email to the faxBox:

The "To:" field contains the phone number of your own faxBox with 0041 area code and its password. These two details are each separated by a point. Always select @ as the domain. The recipient's fax number is entered in the subject, again with 0041 area code (country code). The message field should be left blank. The actual message that the recipient should receive is contained in the PDF that you have created. Now send the fax.


Shipping via #

Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit Faxe direkt über zu versenden. Dafür wechseln Sie auf der linken Seite unter Benutzerdaten zum Punkt „Fax versenden“.

Then select the sender number and enter the recipient number in the empty field. Don't forget to select the PDF you want to send before clicking Send.


Sending to multiple recipients via #

Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit einen Fax an mehrere Empfänger gleichzeitig zu senden. Dafür wählen Sie bei Empfänger „CSV“ aus und laden die Datei hoch. Achten Sie darauf, dass jede Nummer in einer eigenen Zelle mit 0041 eingetragen ist, damit der Versand funktioniert. Damit die führenden Nullen in den Zellen bleiben, müssen die Zellen mit „Text“ Formatiert sein.


The PDF for the faxBox #

There are different ways to create a PDF:

With a PDF printer #

PDF printers such as Adobe Acrobat or the free FreePDF make it possible to use a virtual PDF printer instead of an ordinary printer. The PDF printer saves the file in the desired location, in PDF format.

With the Microsoft Word add-in #

Installieren Sie das Microsoft Word Add-in, um am einfachsten ein faxBox taugliches PDF zu erstellen. Unter dem Menüpunkt „Speichern unter“, kann die Option „Als PDF oder XPS speichern“ hinzugefügt werden. Das Add-in kann kostenlos unter folgendem Link heruntergeladen werden:


Redirects #

To set up forwarding, go to and log in. On the left side you will find “Config. Forwarding”. Click this link to create a new forwarding. After setting up, do not forget to activate the confirmation for incorrect configurations, otherwise the forwarding cannot be saved (red arrow). Forwarding is always configured per public number. Configurations can be created. But only one can be active at a time.
Here is an example for forwarding to the voiceBox:
Configuration of incoming calls to other phone numbers or your voicemail to be forwarded.
For example, if you redirect a cell phone number, it is important to set enough ring time. Please note that it takes a few seconds to set up the call. The 5 seconds shown in the example would not be sufficient in this case.

Forwarding #

In order to deactivate the forwarding, the tick next to "Activated" can be removed.
The tick next to "Activated" (red arrow) can be removed to deactivate the forwarding. However, the settings are always retained so that switching on at a later point in time is possible at any time.

validity #

The validity of the forwarding can be entered here.
The validity of the forwarding can be entered here. Either in the above format ( or by clicking on the calendar next to the input field. This is useful if, for example, you are absent for a longer period of time. During these days, a forwarding to the mobile phone or the voiceBox can be created. Of course, it is also possible to set the validity forever.

Period #

The time periods and days of the week for the respective forwarding can be defined here. For example, calls can only be forwarded to the business extensions during business hours. Here, too, it is possible to have forwarding always activated. Forwarding between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. will not work. For this reason, such forwarding must be set as follows: From 17:00 to 23:59 and from 00:00 to 08:00

To phone number #

Duration in seconds, how long the phone number should ring
Here you can find the main part of a redirect:
The ringing time can be set as desired. You also have the option of redirecting to all mobile, landline and VoIP numbers. With a click on "further entry" you can add other redirects. In the example above, the first thing to do is to ring the extensions, after 20 seconds the phone is forwarded to. If nobody picks up the cell phone in the first 20 seconds, it is forwarded to the voiceBox.

General questions #

LSV (direct debit) #

We have generally introduced the direct debit procedure for end customers. Contrary to many assurances, it is enjoying ever greater popularity. In particular, we grant 1% discount on invoices for direct debits.

Invoicing and shipping #

At the beginning of the month we carry out an invoice run for the past month. We only issue invoices if certain minimum invoice amounts have been reached. These are divided into quarters. In the first two months of a quarter, we issue invoices for a sum of CHF 10.00 or more. At the end of the year, invoices are always issued, regardless of the amount. Invoices are usually only made available for download in the AdminPanel as PDF. The customer receives an email with the information about the provision of an invoice. It also contains a statement about the status of his customer account. This email is always sent. If desired, the invoice can be attached to this email as a PDF. You can also choose to send it by post, whereby we charge a fee of CHF 5.00 if the invoice is less than CHF 100.00.

Dunning #

We start a dunning run after 45 days. This runs when customers have no credit, are not in the dunning block and have invoices open for more than 30 days. The customers receive an e-mail with all open invoices and their account balance and information that the limit will be canceled with the next dunning run. We start the next dunning run after 50 days. If invoices are still open for more than 45 days and there is no credit, then the limit will be canceled. Afterwards only emergency calls, calls to 0800 and to Winet can be made. Contrary to many claims, the customer is not blocked. You can continue calling immediately as soon as the customer account has a credit again. If invoices are still not paid after 60 days at the latest, the connection will be blocked and all invoice documents will be passed on to a debt collection agency for operation.

Support #

Bitte beachten Sie, dass technische Beratungen kostenpflichtig sind. Wir haben detailliert aufgelistet, was Sie darunter verstehen können:

Call quality guaranteed #

Please think about the advantages of a bandwidth manager. If you make active use of your ADSL or cable connection in addition to telephony, overloading your Internet connection can lead to poor voice quality during a telephone call. In order to make calls with the best quality at all times, the use of a bandwidth manager is recommended. Please also note that a good call quality is often directly related to the correct settings. You can find some useful tips and instructions on our homepage at We would be happy to advise you.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. We hope you enjoy making calls using myPhone from Winet!

Overview of contact details #

Winet Voicetec Solutions AG
Täfernstrasse 31
CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil

Administrative matters (registrations, myPhone bookings, contracts, invoices, CDR information, terminations, etc.)

+41 56 520 20 20


Technical service

Business customers +41 56 520 20 00
Private customers: 900 66 39 32 (2.50 / min.)

Bank details: Aargauische Kantonalbank, 5600 Lenzburg / Clearing no. 761
Account no .: / IBAN: CH8900761016116097873
BIC / SWIFT for international payments: KBAGCH22
ombudscom is the arbitration board for disputes in the area of telecommunications or
Value-added service: Tel. +41 31 310 11 77

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