Manual FRITZ! Box

introduction #

The following instructions explain how you can set up your FRITZ! Box with a Winet telephone line.

Connect the FRITZ! Box #

First your FRITZ! Box is connected to your network. If you want to use the FRITZ! Box as a modem, you can obtain help on configuring the Internet connection from your Internet provider. As soon as your FRITZ! Box is connected, you can access the FRITZ! Box web interface via your computer.

Access to the web interface #

To be able to access the web interface of the FRITZ! Box, you need a computer and the address of the FRITZ! Box. If you do not know the IP address of the FRITZ! Box, you can enter “” in your browser line. If the FRITZ! Box cannot yet be reached, there is still the option of reaching it with the "Emergency IP address". This is, but you have to adjust the address of your computer to make it accessible. How to adjust your IP address is described from here ( :) from AVM.

configuration #

Set up a phone number #

After you have access to the web interface, you now need to configure the telephone connection. To configure this, go to “Own phone numbers” under “Telephony”. Then click on "New phone number".

Now you get to the wizard for setting up the phone number, first select “Set up Internet phone number” and click on next.

You can now enter the data for your phone number on the FRITZ! Box. You can find the required data in your welcome letter or at In the screenshots below you can see which data of your phone number are required for registration.


As soon as you have entered all the data and clicked on “Next”, the FRITZ! Box tries to register the phone number with our system. If this is successful, you can complete the process.

Connection settings #

Under “Own numbers” you can also enter the location information in the “Connection settings” tab.

Set up telephony devices #

Your phone number is now registered with our system by the FRITZ! Box. So that you can now use the telephone you want with the FRITZ! Box, you must first set up your device. To do this, go to "Telephony" under "Telephony". Here you can then click on "Set up new device". You will now get back to a wizard to use the telephone with the FRITZ! Box. The best thing to do is to simply select "Telephone" and click on next.

Now you get back to a wizard to use the telephone with the FRITZ! Box. The best thing to do is to simply select "Telephone" and click on next.

You can now connect your telephone to the FRITZ! Box, then select the port to which you have connected the telephone. If you are using several telephones, you can enter a name for the telephone so that you always know where the telephone is connected.

Finally, you can choose which phone number is used for outgoing calls. If you only have one number, simply dial the number that you set up beforehand.

All the required settings are now entered. You can now use the FRITZ! Box to make calls via Winet.

Support Winet Voicetec Solutions AG #

Für Supportanfragen oder technische Unterstützung stehen wir Ihnen mit unseren VoIP Engineers gemäss unseren Servicezeiten gerne zur Verfügung.

Servicezeit #

Die proaktive besetzte Betriebsunterstützung steht während den Arbeitszeiten (AZ) an Arbeitstagen von Montag bis Freitag (ausgenommen Feiertage) im Zeitraum von 08h00 bis 12h00 und 13h30 bis 17h00 zur Verfügung. Während den übrigen Zeiten (UZ) steht der optionale Pikett-Service zur Verfügung

Koordinaten #

Unser Customer Service können Sie folgendermassen erreichen:

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  • Businesskunden                +41 56 520 20 00

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