Configuration of Yeastar with winTrunk

Configuration of the Yeastar MyPBX IP telephone systems with a Winet "winTrunk"

As of April 25, 2016

General #

These instructions describe the setup of the MyPBX IP telephone systems from the manufacturer Yeastar with the SIP trunk telephone connections from the provider Winet.

These instructions were created with a "winTrunk" connection from iWay.

The configuration described here is identical on all MyPBX models. A Yeastar MyPBX Soho V6 with firmware was used to create these instructions. With newer firmware, the configuration screens may differ from those shown here.

Setting up the VoIP connection #

In the MyPBX web configuration, select the “PBX” icon at the top, then click “Connections VoIP Connections” in the navigation on the left and then overlay

"New VoIP connections" a new connection.

Provider name:Freely selectable
Hostname / IP:IP address or domain of Winet
Port: Domain: User Name: Login Name: PasswordSIP port named by Winet, usually 5060. IP address or domain from WinetSIP User Name / information from Winet SIP User Name / information from WinetSIP User Password / information from Winet
Max. Number of communication channels:Enter the number of SIP voice channels assigned to Winet here.
DOD setting:Here it is determined which numbers the extensions report outgoing. In the "Global DOD" field, enter the number that all extensions should transmit that have not been explicitly configured differently. The entry is usually made with 10 digits but can be specified differently by the provider. You will receive this information from the provider. Enter one of the extension numbers in the "DOD:" field, select the desired extension in the "Connected extension" field and add the extension to the DOD settings using the "Add DOD" button. The entry is usually 10 digits but can be specified differently by the provider. You will rec