Why with Winet?

Weshalb die Winet Voicetec Solutions AG Ihr VoIP-Partner & -Profi für alle Fälle ist.

Single point of contact

Winet has been offering high quality Internet telephony services in the business sector for 14 years. In Switzerland, apart from Winet, there is no other provider who develops and installs telephone systems as well as, as a telephony provider, knows exactly what telephony customers need. This gives Winet customers a single point of contact, which significantly reduces intervention times.

Security first

All of our communication solutions have been developed and implemented by us and under strict security aspects and standards. All of our customers' data is hosted in Switzerland and is protected against failure and misuse in several ways.

Scalable modules

With our solutions, your company can grow at any time and your business processes can be mapped in the simplest way on our telephone system.

Transparenz & Fairness

Mit uns gewinnen Sie einen Anbieter, der auf Qualität, Transparenz & Fairness setzt. So können Sie unsere eigenen Produkte auf das Ende jedes Folgemonates künden. Winet schliesst keine langjährigen Knebelverträge ab. Auch finden Sie bei uns keine versteckten Kosten wie z.B. in Gesprächstarifen oder Gesprächskanal-Limitierungen.

Experienced ICT specialists

Winet is one of the first VoIP pioneers and is an independent, Bakom-registered telephony provider. With us, you are engaging a professional provider for your complete VoIP solution. With our proven know-how, as well as our many years of experience in the VoIP area, we have the necessary resources and qualifications to offer first-class service for small and large projects in all matters relating to telephony and networks.