Business tariffs

Business Flat rate models

  • Business 200

  • Business 500
    (<CHF 500 turnover / month)
    CHF 50.-
  • Business 1500
    (<CHF 1500 turnover / month)
    CHF 150.-
  • Business 10000
    (<CHF 10,000 turnover / month)
    CHF 1000.

Call rates

  • According to the tariff list

Service numbers

  • 08xx / 09xx
    one-off: CHF 200.-
    monthly: CHF 35.-

Number fees Switzerland

  • Single number (all area codes)
    one-off: CHF 2.-
    monthly: CHF 1.40

  • Block of 10 (all area codes)
    one-off: CHF 20.-
    monthly: CHF 12.-
  • Block of 100 (all area codes)
    one-off: CHF 120.-
    monthly: CHF 57
  • 1000 block (all area codes)
    one-off: CHF 1000.-
    monthly: CHF 350

Top / premium phone numbers

  • According to the tariff list

  • Easy selection during ordering process

International numbering fees

  • Single number - Europe
    one-off: CHF 50
    monthly: CHF 16.-

  • 1st number - outside Europe
    one-off: CHF 50
    monthly: CHF 22.-
  • Number pads
    once: on request
    monthly: on request

Number porting

  • Partial porting number (SpecialArrangement)
    one-off: CHF 15

  • Full porting single number/s
    one-off: CHF 39.-
  • Full porting of the DDI block
    one-off: CHF 448.-

Number reservation

  • Reservation block of 10
    one-off: CHF 20.-
    monthly: CHF 6.-
  • Reservation block of 100
    one-off: CHF 30
    monthly: CHF 20.-

  • Reservation for 1000 blocks
    one-off: CHF. 500.-
    monthly: CHF 100

Telephony options

  • faxBox (fax2Mail)
    one-off: CHF 10.-
    monthly: CHF 1.40
  • Double bells / voiceBox standard
    once: free of charge
    monthly: free

  • voiceBox Professional
    one-off: CHF 10.-
    monthly: CHF 2.50

Professional VoIP termination for companies

With Winet, your call tariff is based on your monthly telephony revenue.
Winet's business tariffs are billed to the second and without setup fees.

Each tariff model can be set up independently of your telephony revenue through a monthly basic fee.

If you have not reached your monthly turnover, the monthly basic fee for the corresponding tariff model will be automatically charged.

Winet offers outstanding call quality paired with reliability at an extremely low price. Companies usually save up to 50% on call charges and can save some or all of the expensive ISDN and primary connections.

It is important to have an overview of your own telephone charges, because you can often go under. So that this doesn't cost you dearly, be sure to contact us as soon as the monthly telephone charges exceed CHF 500.-. After all, why should you pay more if there is another way?

Contact us on +41 56 520 20 20 or by email

We would be happy to support you with your optimal telephony solution with Winet.