Single number connection

Suitable for

Private and business customers

Technical requirements:

Broadband Internet connection (xDSL or cable) and SIP capable telephone or smartphone with equivalent applications.


Every SIP device, every SIP soft client or app

  • Telephone calls in HD quality

  • Selectable call tariffs for private and business customers
  • Telephoning without call set-up fees

  • Call accounting accurate to the second

  • Numbers in all Swiss regions at attractive conditions

  • Existing phone numbers can continue to be used with the new technology
  • Can be used with any Internet connection (e.g. DSL, cable), even when you are on the go! (Hotel, airport, etc.)

  • Additional functions such as answering machine, parallel bells, faxBox can be booked individually

  • Telephoning on the PC is possible with any SIP-capable software
  • Fax sending and receiving with secure T.38 protocol
  • Private customers are billed monthly with account credit
  • Free choice of SIP-capable telephones

  • Customer account from 1.40 sFr./month including a telephone number
  • Three communication channels available per phone number

Your advantages with Winet

Online changes

In the myWinet account you can change your login email or your own password at any time. To do this, go to:
> User data> Change password.

You can also change your address. Only the first name / surname / company name cannot be changed:
> User data> Overview

If you would like to change the owner of the myWinet account, please send us a completed transfer form:

  • You can make calls to the Swiss fixed network from 2 Rp / min
  • Most economical call tariffs from three tariff models - according to your needs
  • No basic fees and no minimum duration in the "Budget" tariff model
  • No setup fees
  • No minimum sales required
  • Additional functions such as answering machine (voiceBox), parallel bells and faxBox can be booked individually
  • Telephone calls on the PC and smartphone are possible with any SIP-capable software
  • Sending and receiving faxes
  • Can be used on any Internet connection (e.g. DSL, cable), even when on the move! (Hotel, airport, etc.)
  • Real phone numbers with area code at low tariffs
  • Identical and more features than conventional telephony
  • HD quality conversations
  • Three communication channels available per phone number
  • Online access to your telephony account for easy administration and call overview
  • Convenient advance payment of a lump sum for your account balance

Your online telephony account

Our VoIP telephony platform myWinet for small and large: depending on your needs, different tariff models are available to you. In any case, you can make calls to the Swiss landline network for as little as 2 cents per minute.

With your user-friendly online customer account, you have control over your conversations, invoices, payments and much more at all times.

At Winet there are no minimum contract periods or hidden contractual clauses. Transparency is our top priority. You can continue to use your existing phone number or select a new phone number with an area code as required. Test us - and save 30 to 80% compared to your previous call costs!


Account opening: free

One-time fees: 2.00

Monthly fees: 1.40

Payment method: Prepaid

It's that easy

  • Select phone number or take existing phone number with you (porting)

  • Open a myWinet account in the shop

  • Connect the IP telephone device (we recommend ...)

  • Top up myWinet prepaid account

  • to phone!

Call quality guaranteed

If you make active use of your Internet connection in addition to telephony, overloading can lead to poor voice quality during a telephone call.

In order to make calls with the best quality at all times, we recommend that you configure a bandwidth management system. A telephone call requires a bandwidth of 100 kbps (upload and download). Please note that a good call quality is often directly related to the correct settings.

We would be happy to advise you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

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Tariff budget

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