Single number connection

Suitable for

Private and business customers

Technical requirements:

Broadband Internet connection (xDSL or cable) and SIP capable telephone or smartphone with equivalent applications.


Every SIP device, every SIP soft client or app

  • Telephone calls in HD quality

  • Selectable call tariffs for private and business customers
  • Telephoning without call set-up fees

  • Call accounting accurate to the second

  • Numbers in all Swiss regions at attractive conditions

  • Existing phone numbers can continue to be used with the new technology
  • Can be used with any Internet connection (e.g. DSL, cable), even when you are on the go! (Hotel, airport, etc.)

  • Additional functions such as answering machine, parallel bells, faxBox can be booked individually

  • Telephoning on the PC is possible with any SIP-capable software
  • Fax sending and receiving with secure T.38 protocol
  • Private customers are billed monthly with account credit
  • Free choice of SIP-capable telephones

  • Customer account from 1.40 sFr./month including a telephone number
  • Three communication channels available per phone number

Your advantages with Winet

Online changes

In the myWinet account you can change your login email or your own password at any time. To do this, go to:
> User data> Change password.

You can also change your address. Only the first name / surname / company name cannot be changed:
> User data> Overview

If you would like to change the owner of the myWinet account, please send us a completed transfer form:

to the documents
  • You can make calls to the Swiss fixed network from 2 Rp / min
  • Most economical call tariffs from three tariff models - according to your needs
  • No basic fees and no minimum duration in the "Budget" tariff model
  • No setup fees
  • No minimum sales required
  • Additional functions such as answering machine (voiceBox), parallel bells and faxBox can be booked individually
  • Telephone calls on the PC and smartphone are possible with any SIP-capable software
  • Sending and receiving faxes
  • Can be used on any Internet connection (e.g. DSL, cable), even when on the move! (Hotel, airport, etc.)
  • Real phone numbers with area code at low tariffs
  • Identical and more features than conventional telephony
  • HD quality conversations
  • Three communication channels available per phone number
  • Online access to your telephony account for easy administration and call overview
  • Convenient advance payment of a lump sum for your account balance

Your online telephony account

Our VoIP telephony platform myWinet for small and large: depending on your needs, different tariff models are available to you. In any case, you can make calls to the Swiss landline network for as little as 2 cents per minute.

With your user-friendly online customer account, you have control over your conversations, invoices, payments and much more at all times.

At Winet there are no minimum contract periods or hidden contractual clauses. Transparency is our top priority. You can continue to use your existing phone number or select a new phone number with an area code as required. Test us - and save 30 to 80% compared to your previous call costs!


Account opening: free

One-time fees: 2.00

Monthly fees: 1.40

Payment method: Prepaid

It's that easy

  • Select phone number or take existing phone number with you (porting)

  • Open a myWinet account in the shop

  • Connect the IP telephone device (we recommend ...)

  • Top up myWinet prepaid account

  • to phone!

Direct entry for private individuals

Call quality guaranteed

If you make active use of your Internet connection in addition to telephony, overloading can lead to poor voice quality during a telephone call.

In order to make calls with the best quality at all times, we recommend that you configure a bandwidth management system. A telephone call requires a bandwidth of 100 kbps (upload and download). Please note that a good call quality is often directly related to the correct settings.

We would be happy to advise you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Tariff overview

Tariff budget

Light tariff

Premium tariff

Subscription typebudgetLightPremium
Tariff perminuteminuteminute
Billing cycleminutesecondsecond
Basic fee per monthno4.90 CHF9.90 CHF
Setup costs per call7.5 Rp.4.9
CH-Mobile Swisscom0.2590.2340.221
CH-Mobile Sunrise0.2590.2390.229
CH-Mobile Salt0.2590.2390.229
CH-VAS 058 Corporate0.0290.0270.026
Sending SMS0.2000.2000.200
All prices in CHF excluding VAT.

Performance overview

Basic chargeno4.90 CHF9.90 CHF
Minimum durationnonono
Billing by the secondNoYesYes
Billing by the minuteYesNoNo
terminationschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monatsschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monatsschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monats
account managementprepaidprepaidprepaid
All prices in CHF excluding VAT.
Subscription typebudgetLightPremium
Tariff perminuteminuteminute
Billing cycleminutesecondsecond
Basic fee per monthno4.90 CHF9.90 CHF
Setup costs per call7.5 Rp.4.9
Albania Fixnet0.2940.2670.253
Albania Mobile0.4660.4370.421
Andorra Fixnet0.1150.1020.095
Andorra Mobile0.4960.460.443
Austria Fixnet0.0480.0440.043
Austria Mobile0.2990.2770.256
Belarus -Fixnet0.5060.4760.46
Belarus Mobile0.5190.4930.481
Bosnia Herzegovina Mobile0.40.370.343
Bulgaria Mobile0.5190.5080.503
Croatia Mobile0.4530.4280.416
Denmark Fixnet0.0480.0450.044
Denmark Mobile0.390.3570.342
Estonia Fixnet0.0940.0890.087
Estonia Mobile0.5730.5280.505
Finland Fixnet0.080.0760.073
Finland Mobile0.2990.2770.256
France Fixnet0.0480.0430.04
France Mobile0.390.3340.307
Germany Mobile0.2990.2770.256
Greece Mobile0.390.3540.335
Hungary Fixnet0.1560.1320.119
Hungary Mobile0.4980.4370.405
Ireland Fixnet0.0480.0430.04
Ireland Mobile0.390.3670.356
Kazakhstan Fixnet0.780.7470.731
Kazakhstan Mobile0.3970.350.325
Kosovo Mobile (KFOR)0.8730.7880.744
Latvia Fixnet0.280.2390.218
Latvia Mobile0.8940.8710.86
Liechtenstein Fixnet0.090.0850.083
Liechtenstein Mobile0.490.4690.459
Lithuania Fixnet0.1560.140.131
Lithuania Mobile0.4560.4160.395
Macedonia Fixnet0.3580.3190.298
Macedonia Mobile0.5980.5620.544
Malta Fixnet0.3250.2770.254
Malta Mobile0.8760.7590.702
Moldova Fixnet0.3670.3310.312
Moldova Mobile0.4710.4420.428
Monaco Fixnet0.1440.1330.128
Monaco Mobile0.4340.4180.409
Montenegro Fixnet0.2140.2120.21
Montenegro Mobile0.5510.5190.504
Netherlands Mobile0.390.3570.342
Norway Fixnet0.0480.0450.044
Norway Mobile0.390.3840.381
Poland Fixnet0.0920.0810.075
Poland Mobile0.390.3520.332
Portugal fixnet0.0480.0440.043
Portugal Mobile0.390.3470.327
Romania Fixnet0.1190.1030.094
Romania Mobile0.5440.4730.438
Russia Mobile0.1890.1830.181
Serbia Mobile0.4690.4520.442
Slovenia Fixnet0.240.2280.221
Slovenia Mobile0.7310.6830.658
Sweden Fixnet0.0480.0430.04
Sweden Mobile0.2990.2770.256
Turkey Mobile0.350.3180.302
Ukraine Fixnet0.2520.2340.227
Ukraine Mobile0.3260.30.285
United Kingdom Fixnet0.0480.0420.038
United Kingdom Mobile0.3530.3190.303
All prices in CHF excluding VAT.

Performance overview

Basic chargeno4.90 CHF9.90 CHF
Minimum durationnonono
Billing by the secondNoYesYes
Billing by the minuteYesNoNo
terminationschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monatsschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monatsschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monats
account managementprepaidprepaidprepaid
All prices in CHF excluding VAT.
Subscription typebudgetLightPremium
Tariff perminuteminuteminute
Billing cycleminutesecondsecond
Basic fee per monthno4.90 CHF9.90 CHF
Setup costs per call7.5 Rp.4.9
Afghanistan Fixnet0.630.5690.54
Afghanistan Mobile0.480.4530.439
Algeria Fixnet0.1710.1560.147
Algeria Mobile0.3840.3710.366
American Samoa Proper0.0870.0820.081
Angola Fixnet0.4010.3590.34
Angola Mobile0.5150.4550.425
Anguilla Fixnet0.3810.3380.317
Anguilla Mobile0.3810.3640.356
Antigua Barbuda Fixnet0.3560.3340.323
Antigua Barbuda Mobile0.3560.3210.305
Argentina Fixnet0.0190.0180.017
Argentina Mobile0.3780.3220.295
Armenia Fixnet0.2060.1940.189
Armenia Mobile0.3920.3640.348
Aruba Fixnet0.3530.3090.289
Aruba Mobile0.3530.3440.34
Ascension Proper2.9872.8622.8
Australia Fixnet0.0480.0440.043
Australia Mobile0.1940.1820.177
Australian Norfolk Island1.581.5441.526
Azerbaijan Fixnet0.3830.3780.375
Azerbaijan Mobile0.4640.450.443
Bahamas Fixnet0.1580.1540.151
Bahamas Mobile0.3970.3660.35
Bahrain Fixnet0.0970.0880.082
Bahrain Mobile0.2340.2090.197
Bangladesh Fixnet0.1810.1680.16
Bangladesh Mobile0.250.210.192
Barbados Fixnet0.3620.3130.289
Barbados Mobile0.6120.550.518
Belize Fixnet0.4380.4160.405
Belize Mobile0.4720.4460.434
Benin Fixnet0.580.5130.48
Benin Mobile0.3470.3310.322
Bermuda proper0.1810.170.165
Bhutan Fixnet0.4380.3920.369
Bhutan Mobile0.3950.3560.334
Bolivia Fixnet0.2440.2310.226
Bolivia Mobile0.3140.2930.281
Botswana Fixnet0.3120.2770.258
Botswana Mobile0.3120.3060.303
Brazil Fixnet0.1410.1220.114
Brazil Mobile0.3190.2960.285
Brunei Fixnet0.2880.2370.212
Brunei Mobile0.2880.2380.213
Burkina Faso Fixnet0.3540.3410.333
Burkina Faso Mobile0.5410.4960.475
Burundi Fixnet0.210.1890.178
Burundi Mobile0.2230.2080.202
Cambodia Fixnet0.3410.2890.263
Cambodia Mobile0.3560.3020.273
Cameroon Fixnet0.4750.4460.432
Cameroon Mobile0.4830.4520.435
Canada-Northwest Territories0.3650.3310.315
Cape Verde Islands-Fixnet0.4190.3960.384
Cape Verde Islands Mobile0.490.470.46
CaymanIslands Fixnet0.1810.1680.16
Central African Republ Fixnet0.7920.7450.722
Central African Republ Mobile0.8140.7690.745
Chad (Chad) -Fixnet0.430.390.369
Chad (Chad) mobiles0.5120.4850.473
Chile Fixnet0.3190.3120.294
Chile Mobile0.4370.3890.365
China Fixnet0.0680.0580.055
China Mobile0.0680.0580.055
Colombia Fixnet0.1890.1690.16
Colombia Mobile0.1940.1810.173
Comoros Fixnet1.9251.7081.6
Comoros Mobile1.9251.7081.6
Congo Fixnet0.6290.6070.596
Congo Mobile0.7830.7330.707
CookIslands Mobile1.9421.841.789
Costa Rica Fixnet0.1440.1330.129
Costa Rica Mobile0.1560.1560.156
Cuba fixnet1.8251.7561.723
Cuba Mobile1.8251.7561.723
Cyprus Fixnet0.0480.0450.044
Cyprus Mobile0.1680.1460.137
Diego Garcia Mobile1.8941.8411.814
Djibouti fixnet0.6370.6140.602
Djibouti Mobile0.6370.6150.604
Dominica Fixnet0.4040.370.354
Dominica Mobile0.4040.390.382
Dominican Republic-Fixnet0.1970.1770.167
Dominican Republic-Mobile0.3070.2650.243
East Timor Fixnet1.2341.1671.132
East Timor Mobile1.4191.351.314
Ecuador Fixnet0.3480.3170.3
Ecuador Mobile0.350.3380.331
Egypt Mobile0.3940.3510.33
El Salvador Fixnet0.3690.3510.341
El Salvador Mobile0.3690.3440.332
Equatorial Guinea Fixnet0.7270.690.671
Equatorial Guinea Mobile0.8690.8010.767
Eritrea Fixnet0.5930.5590.543
Eritrea Mobile0.7640.6870.647
Ethiopia Fixnet0.6370.590.566
Ethiopia Mobile0.6370.5870.56
Falkland Islands Fixnet1.2331.2161.206
Falkland Islands Mobile1.2561.1541.103
Faroe Islands-Fixnet0.390.3690.358
Faroe Islands Mobile0.4370.4150.404
Fiji Islands Fixnet0.5310.4840.46
Fiji Islands Mobile0.480.4430.425
French Guiana Fixnet0.2470.2130.194
French Guiana Mobile0.4280.4190.416
French Polynesia Fixnet0.4960.4670.452
French Polynesia Mobile0.8780.7880.742
Gabon Fixnet0.6130.5850.572
Gabon Mobile0.5980.5660.55
Gambia Fixnet0.8350.7680.732
Gambia Mobile0.8350.7680.732
Georgia Fixnet0.1840.1680.158
Georgia Mobile0.3940.3470.323
Ghana Fixnet0.3680.3410.328
Ghana Mobile0.3380.320.312
Gibraltar Fixnet0.150.1380.131
Gibraltar Mobile0.5310.5120.502
Greenland Fixnet0.8120.7690.748
Greenland Mobile1.1441.0811.051
Grenada Fixnet0.5680.5070.478
Grenada Mobile0.6730.6010.565
Guadeloupe Fixnet0.1440.1340.131
Guadeloupe Mobile0.5760.5330.514
Guam Proper0.1650.1350.121
Guatemala Fixnet0.2960.2630.244
Guatemala Mobile0.3310.30.283
Guinea Bissau Mobile0.650.6120.593
Guinea Fixnet0.6760.6440.627
Guinea Mobile0.6720.6410.625
Guyana Fixnet0.5850.5480.531
Guyana Mobile0.5850.5420.52
Haiti Fixnet0.5330.4970.481
Haiti Mobile0.5510.5090.489
Honduras Fixnet0.5850.5190.487
Honduras Mobile0.6040.5290.492
Hong Kong Fixnet0.0810.0690.064
Hong Kong Mobile0.1270.1060.095
Iceland Mobile0.4930.4340.406
India Mobile0.0420.0390.037
Indonesia Mobile0.3480.3060.285
Iran Fixnet0.2950.2690.257
Iran Mobile0.4060.3580.334
Iraq Fixnet0.440.370.337
Iraq Mobile0.6290.560.526
Israel Fixnet0.0720.0650.06
Israel Mobile0.3140.2930.282
Ivory Coast Fixnet0.8730.8230.798
Ivory Coast Mobile0.4640.4520.446
Jamaica Fixnet0.2440.2380.233
Jamaica Mobile0.4710.440.425
Japan Fixnet0.0680.060.057
Japan Mobile0.360.3260.307
Jordan Fixnet0.3620.3170.294
Jordan Mobile0.4440.3920.367
Kenya Fixnet0.4520.3930.364
Kenya Mobile0.6010.5120.468
Kiribati Gilbert IslandsProper1.0270.9780.953
Korea Republic South-Fixnet0.1510.1290.118
Korea Republic South-Mobile0.0670.0660.066
Kroea PDR North-Proper1.1561.11.07
Kuwait Fixnet0.2310.2190.214
Kuwait Mobile0.2430.2290.222
Kyrgyzstan Fixnet0.2160.2020.194
Kyrgyzstan Mobile0.2530.2330.223
Laos Fixnet0.1950.1790.17
Laos Mobile0.1950.1790.17
Lebanon Fixnet0.2810.2620.253
Lebanon Mobile0.4940.4480.426
Lesotho Fixnet0.3940.3630.347
Lesotho Mobile0.3940.3670.353
Liberia Fixnet0.6730.6210.594
Liberia Mobile0.6820.6480.631
Libya Fixnet0.4830.4620.452
Libya Mobile0.5310.5020.487
Macau Fixnet0.2090.1780.162
Macau Mobile0.2090.1780.162
Madagascar Fixnet0.670.6410.626
Madagascar Mobile0.6830.6550.64
Malawi Fixnet0.4370.3810.354
Malawi Mobile0.4370.3880.364
Malaysia Fixnet0.2390.2050.188
Malaysia Mobile0.2390.20.181
Maldives Fixnet1.3421.2621.221
Maldives Mobile1.3421.2621.221
Mali Mobile0.5040.4590.439
Marshall Islands Proper0.5420.5220.514
Martinique Fixnet0.1420.120.109
Martinique Mobile0.7190.6560.626
Mauritania Fixnet0.780.7410.721
Mauritania Mobile0.7640.7140.689
Mauritius fixnet0.3310.30.284
Mauritius Mobile0.3310.30.284
Mayotte Fixnet0.3680.3410.328
Mayotte Mobile0.8940.840.813
Mexico Fixnet0.2030.1790.167
Mexico Mobile0.3230.2830.264
Micronesia Proper0.5670.5170.492
Mongolia Fixnet0.2760.2540.244
Mongolia Mobile0.3450.3290.319
Montserrat Fixnet0.4420.4020.381
Montserrat Mobile0.5310.4940.476
Morocco Fixnet0.4620.4140.389
Morocco Mobile0.6310.6020.585
Mozambique Fixnet0.2810.2650.256
Mozambique Mobile0.340.3070.291
Myanmar Fixnet0.6350.5980.581
Myanmar Mobile0.6230.5920.576
Namibia Fixnet0.4590.3980.369
Namibia Mobile0.4590.4270.41
Nepal Fixnet0.5710.4850.443
Nepal Mobile0.5710.5050.47
Netherlands Antilles-Fixnet0.370.330.308
Netherlands Antilles-Mobile0.370.3430.329
New Caledonia Fixnet0.5820.5220.494
New Caledonia Mobile0.5820.5210.491
New Zealand Fixnet0.1680.1420.128
New Zealand Mobile0.5210.4830.465
Nicaragua Fixnet0.4290.3810.357
Nicaragua Mobile0.4630.4380.426
Niger Fixnet0.6310.5920.571
Niger Mobile0.3410.3220.313
Nigeria Fixnet0.2350.220.214
Nigeria Mobile0.4690.4030.37
Oman Fixnet0.3930.3690.357
Oman Mobile0.4220.4160.412
Pakistan Fixnet0.4770.4280.404
Pakistan Mobile0.490.4170.381
Palestine Fixnet0.430.4050.392
Palestine Mobile0.430.4060.395
Panama Fixnet0.1670.150.141
Panama Mobile0.3520.3260.312
Papua New Guinea Fixnet1.141.0761.044
Papua New Guinea Mobile1.1451.0891.06
Paraguay Fixnet0.2760.2460.232
Paraguay Mobile0.4450.3810.348
Peru Fixnet0.1150.1020.094
Peru Mobile0.5330.4810.456
Philippines Fixnet0.3560.3350.326
Qatar Fixnet0.5260.4770.453
Qatar Mobile0.5340.4830.457
Reunion fixnet0.2640.2340.22
Reunion Mobile0.5250.4960.482
Rwanda Fixnet0.290.2790.273
Rwanda Mobile0.4130.3940.384
Samoa Western Fixnet0.7620.7310.718
Samoa Western Mobile0.6810.6550.642
SaoTome Principe Fixnet2.1982.1022.053
SaoTome Principe Mobile2.7732.5452.431
Saudi Arabia Fixnet0.430.370.341
Saudi Arabia Mobile0.4960.4350.406
Senegal Fixnet0.5870.5560.541
Senegal Mobile0.6570.6220.606
Seychelles Fixnet0.6430.580.547
Seychelles Mobile0.3810.3380.317
Sierra Leone Fixnet0.6710.640.625
Sierra Leone Mobile0.7330.6940.672
Singapore Fixnet0.080.0690.064
Singapore Mobile0.1410.1260.119
Solomon Islands Fixnet1.6381.5941.572
Solomon Islands Mobile2.1312.0211.968
Somalia Fixnet0.9260.8910.872
Somalia Mobile0.8920.850.83
South Africa Fixnet0.3450.3350.33
South Africa Mobile0.4930.4370.408
Sri Lanka Fixnet0.3440.3090.293
Sri Lanka Mobile0.3530.3180.301
St Helena-Proper1.5871.5061.467
St Kitts-Nevis-Fixnet0.4060.3590.337
St Kitts Nevis Mobile0.6540.5980.571
St Lucia Fixnet0.4790.4150.382
St Lucia Mobile0.4780.4440.428
St Pierre Miquelon Fixnet0.5140.4810.466
St Pierre Miquelon Mobile0.8650.8160.792
St Vincent Grenadines Mobile0.4810.4550.442
Sudan Fixnet0.4540.4140.394
Sudan Mobile0.3890.3560.341
Sudan South Mobile0.5230.4950.481
Suriname Fixnet0.5040.4430.412
Suriname Mobile0.5130.4690.448
Swaziland Fixnet0.3590.3170.295
Swaziland Mobile0.4020.3810.371
Syria Fixnet0.6060.5320.495
Syria Mobile0.6250.550.512
Taiwan Fixnet0.1790.150.134
Taiwan Mobile0.4220.3590.329
Tajik Fixnet0.3920.3470.327
Tajikistan Mobile0.3920.3450.322
Tanzania Fixnet0.5010.4520.427
Tanzania Mobile0.5010.4570.435
Thailand fixnet0.0440.0410.038
Thailand Mobile0.0810.0720.068
Togo Fixnet0.7650.7190.695
Togo Mobile0.7820.7370.714
Tonga Fixnet0.5180.5160.515
Tonga Mobile0.8940.8530.832
Trinidad Tobago Fixnet0.2760.2570.247
Trinidad Tobago Mobile0.2760.2570.247
Tunisia Fixnet0.6120.5850.572
Tunisia Mobile0.6120.5850.572
Turkmenistan Fixnet0.3760.3320.312
Turkmenistan Mobile0.3540.3270.314
Uganda Fixnet0.250.2460.245
Uganda Mobile0.2690.2470.238
Uruguay Fixnet0.2140.1880.175
Uruguay Mobile0.4930.4560.437
USA Proper0.0410.0380.037
Uzbekistan Fixnet0.2190.20.19
Uzbekistan Mobile0.2190.2050.197
UAE Fixnet0.4190.3810.363
UAE mobile0.4930.4390.41
Vanuatu Fixnet1.1191.0691.044
Vanuatu Mobile0.9620.9190.897
Venezuela Fixnet0.1780.1590.151
Venezuela Mobile0.3660.3230.303
Vietnam Fixnet0.540.450.406
Vietnam Mobile0.5590.4650.417
Virgin Islands UK Fixnet0.4560.4280.414
Virgin Islands UK Mobile0.4870.4520.433
Virgin Islands USA-Proper0.1260.1050.094
Wallis Futuna Mobile1.5871.51.456
Yemen Fixnet0.2950.280.271
Yemen Mobile0.3560.3310.317
Zambia Fixnet0.2390.2140.201
Zambia Mobile0.2870.2720.265
Zimbabwe Fixnet0.3370.2930.27
Zimbabwe Mobile0.7310.6930.673
All prices in CHF excluding VAT.

Performance overview

Basic chargeno4.90 CHF9.90 CHF
Minimum durationnonono
Billing by the secondNoYesYes
Billing by the minuteYesNoNo
terminationschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monatsschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monatsschriftlich 3 Monate auf das Ende des Monats
account managementprepaidprepaidprepaid
All prices in CHF excluding VAT.