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Snom IP Phones

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CTI solutions

CTI client standard

one-time: CHF 67.00

CTI Client Professional

one-time: CHF 85.00

CTI server presence management

one-time: CHF 159.00

CTI server client license

one-time: CHF 12.00

TAPI for Ayrix (10 licenses)

one-time: CHF 44.00

Provider selection

Choose your telephony provider carefully

A wide range of providers - also known as carriers - is available to you for Internet telephony. We recommend that you take a close look at the tariffs for your future calls at home and abroad when making a comparison. Do not be fooled by any cheap supplier!

Pay attention to the quality, experience, seriousness and competence of the provider. If possible, do not conclude long-term contracts! It is very difficult for you to get out of these gag contracts. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your carrier and its services, you may be forced to continue working with them.

Reduce call costs

Call costs can be reduced by 50% and more, as the Winet VoIP tariff is massively cheaper than those of other providers.

Reduce connection costs

Since the use of the ISDN infrastructure is no longer necessary, the monthly basic charges can be massively reduced.

Crystal clear call quality

With QoS (Quality of Service) set up, amazing call quality can be achieved with the appropriate Internet link.

Network locations

You can network different company locations easily and securely. This reduces both telephone costs and support expenses.

Investment protection

By merging IP and telephone networks, you save a lot of money. Investments in the IT network are in the future also automatically investments and maintenance of the telephone network. Existing telephone systems become VoIP-capable with the use of a gateway. All necessary licenses are already included and do not cause any further costs. You can migrate your existing system step by step to a modern VoIP telephone system.

Changeover in 1-2 minutes

The changeover is quick and easy and can be carried out within a very short time during ongoing operation.

Quality optimization

The data traffic between the sites becomes measurable with the use of a gateway. This allows the utilization of your networks to be optimally determined and bottlenecks or overcapacities to be detected.

Reduce fixed costs

Your fixed costs can thus be easily optimized. The payback period of the new VoIP gateway will be only a few months due to these financial savings.

Permanent availability

Access to two networks ensures permanent availability.