What exactly is VOIP telephony?

Above all - how does it differ from normal, conventional telephony?

How does this work?

VoIP telephony describes telephony over the Internet. This works in a similar way to conventional telephony. The only difference: your phone is now connected to the Internet. From now on, calls will be made digitally via the UGS "network".

At the end of the day, it always means the same thing: speech gets from the caller to the recipient and back again.

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VoIP telephony with Winet

VoIP: Your advantages through Internet telephony

Experience with Winet

Find out in an interview with Managing Director Daniel Bühler how he felt about working with Winet.

How was your experience with Winet?
Why flat rate is more expensive than flex rate

Why would you recommend Winet to others?

“I would recommend it, because Winet has accompanied us well from the start. We were a small company and have now grown and grow further. Winet still accompanies us well and if a provider understands that they should also accompany and look after small customers from the start, then the customers also remain loyal."
- Maria Mazza, Newo Trust

Switch to VoIP

The most important factor in VoIP telephony is your Internet connection. Both the bandwidth and the quality of an Internet line are essential for a flawless connection. If either of the two is insufficient, this inevitably leads to poor call quality. In the world of IP telephony, the Internet line is, so to speak, a decisive factor

As you can see, there are many benefits to switching to VoIP. Then why shouldn't you benefit from it too?

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VoIP telephony with Winet